Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu: a golden support for the Bishnoi community


For Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu, a Swiss industrialist and energy specialist supporting the Bishnoi community in order to promote their message for the respect and protection of nature, the choice to commit to a nation that became aware of issues related to sustainable development since the 15th century, was a natural one.

Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

The Bishnoi: The first eco-friendly nation since the 15th century

The Bishnoi are a nation of about 800,000 people living in Rajasthan in Northern India. They are considered as the first environmentalists of the world. Effectively, since the 15th Century and under the leadership of their prophet, Jamboji, the Bishnoi nation follows 29 regulations, a third of which are devoted to environmental issues. The Bishnois were pioneers in the field of environmental taxes and, for instance, obliged to plant at least one tree per year.

“I find it extraordinary that people have had the perception of the issues we face today, and have been facing, for more than five centuries.  It seems to me that we must take inspiration from the  Bishnoi, “said Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu.

A meeting with Khamu Ram Bishnoi, “the man in gold”

It was during the stay of Khamu Ram Bishnoi in France this Autumn, that Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu discovered the existence of the Bishnoi people and the message they carried.  Khamu Ram is the new incarnation of the commitment of the people in favour of environmental protection. Khamu Ram fights against plastic bags in the territory and was able to mobilize and unite around him many activists to stop the spread of this modern pollution.

For Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu, “the action of Khamu Ram proves that it is possible through local initiatives and engagement, to change the course of things and in turn change our habits. Khamu Ram is really a man in gold! “

An exportable model in Africa

Khamu Ram Bishnoi’s initiative entails the mobilization of the population regarding the problem of plastic bag refuse and to prove that local initiatives and engagement could provide the response to this major ecological challenge.

Khamu Ram Bishnoi’s initiative could be emulated especially within African countries. It is towards this end that Nicolai Began Buzaianu felt it most important to contribute to the actions of Khamu Ram and in turn to provide the means through which this message, worth gold to our planet, is spread to the people.

“I know the African continent very well, in particular Zambia, where I already support the Chippendale school. I am convinced that such initiatives could be worthily emulated in certain countries,” concludes Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu.


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